Jordan Britenburg Eagle Project
To raise funds for the project, the Meals on Wheels (MOW) database was used to ask for an additional contribution for the purposes of improving MOW for the future. Combined with a database from a previous MOW fundraiser that I performed when I was in the 8th grade, most of the restaurants in Anderson, as well as friends & family, the response from the Anderson community was excellent and the project fundraising activity a great success. These combined sources resulted in nearly 400 mailed fundraising request. Additionally, a large number of local businesses, from Lowe’s to brick masons, donated much time and effort into helping the project progress. Finally, the Anderson County Council was successfully petitioned through presentations and applications to donate some of their discretionary recreation budget to improving a landmark of the city, resulting in the necessary funds to complete the project. The fundraising component of this project turned out to be a significant effort but in the end it paid off. The project raised approximately $8,400 in cash donations from 65 sources.
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